To Summarize
     God has always existed, and He is holy.  He is neither evil nor sinful, and therefore He cannot abide sin in His presence.  Holy God created a sinless man and woman because it pleased Him (Revelation 4:11 NLT); He wanted to spend time with them, face to face.

     God met Adam and Eve in the garden, and spent time with them.  When Adam and Eve chose to sin, evil entered them and all men and women from then on.  Their sin stopped God—because He is holy and won’t have sin in His presence—from spending face-to-face time with Adam and Eve, and all men and women who followed after them, as He had been doing.  This was a very sad day for God and His people.

      We can be grateful that God still wanted to spend time with people, so He made a way for this to happen.  Throughout the Old Testament, sacrificial blood had to be shed to atone for human sins, but God had a more perfect plan.  God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, the perfect sacrifice, to shed his blood on the cross as final payment for the sins of all humanity.  After Jesus’ sacrifice, God could, once again, have a relationship with the men and women He created—the ones who choose to trust in Jesus Christ’s shed blood.  When we go to God the Father in prayer, after committing our lives to Jesus, Jesus’ blood covers our sins, past, present, and future, so we can talk to God and hang out in fellowship with God.  God doesn’t see our sins because believers in Christ are made clean by Christ’s blood.  Our fellowship with God is still not like it was in the garden of Eden, when God talked face to face with Adam and Eve, but now we can hang out with Him in the spiritual realm.  

     Because of Jesus’ perfect sacrifice on the cross, we can enjoy the privilege of spending time with God, both now on this earth, and for eternity in Heaven.

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