Very late in my walk with the Lord, God showed me that I needed deliverance from demons.  Of course, I had no idea I needed deliverance from demons.  This was news to me, and embarrassing news at that.  I discovered this through my oldest daughter, which was doubly embarrassing.  But, nonetheless, I became very grateful God showed me what I needed to know about the demons influencing my life.  Christians who are walking in the righteous way of the Lord cannot be possessed by demons, but they can have demonic strongholds in their lives.  I thought I was doing pretty well, but—alas—even after being a Christian for over thirty years, I discovered demons had been deeply rooted into my personality since childhood, stealing my happiness and joy on a daily basis. 

     I needed deliverance from self-condemnation demons, fear demons, insecurity demons, pride demons, vanity demons, selfishness demons, being critical of myself and others demons, and more.  A dear Christian woman recommended Brother Carlos at “Got Demon” (BrotherCarlos.comfor deliverance from demons.  His deliverance videos and telephone call deliverances changed my life.  I also sought in-person deliverance through three other ministries.  Deliverance can often be a one-time event, but for some people deliverance is a process—a series of one-time events.  The level, or strength, of the demon stronghold often dictates how many times you will need deliverance.  I have experienced much deliverance, and am mentally and emotionally the healthiest I have ever been.  If you are a Christian, I cannot emphasize this enough:  Seek deliverance!  If you have not yet become a Christian, you will not be able to keep demons out of your life because Jesus is not Lord of your life.   Right now, won’t you receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior?  For further study:


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